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Articles for science blog:

1.Write about what I want people to know.  What are the basic bits of knowledge that everyone should have.  What are stem cells?  What is evolution, what isn't evolution?

2.Stupid busting.  Find dumb articles and re-butt them.
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I have a coworker.  Let's call her Red.

What a fucking bitch:
"I have an emotion.  Everyone needs to stop what they're doing and change their behaviors to fit them into what I'm feeling.  Oh wait, I'm uncomfortable.  Then everything everyone else is doing must be wrong.  Don't judge me because I do everything right.  I don't judge everyone else for doing everything incorrect.  I'm a crazy bitch."

I hate her a lot.  And I feel like I already used up all of my complaining mojo just to get this far with her.  Red is not a good person.  She is completely narcissistic.  She is useless and good at almost nothing but complaining.  And she finds a new complaint every 5 minutes. 

I feel like I go through this a lot, hating people.  I mean a little less than a year ago I hated anther coworker lets call him Pea.  Hated him.  And I still haven't forgiven him.  Before that I ranted about "FatK".  Haven't forgiven her either.  Before that it was PieceofShitJuan; I know that he is a genuinely bad person (I think that I know that).  But, I feel just as much turmoil when I have conflicts with other people. 

I guess it's whenever I feel criticized.  I have no way of dealing with other people's criticisms.  That's also why other people's shortcomings bother me so much.  I want them to know what pieces of shit they are b/c I feel like they constantly force me to feel like a piece of shit.  I feel like they rub my nose in my shortcomings.  But the difference I perceive between me and them is that I've completely changed myself to fit into their awful world, but they won't lift a fucking finger to accommodate me. 

Red stretches me to my absolute limit and then says she needs me to try harder.  I can't try any harder.  I'd like to put in as much energy as she does, which would mean being about 5 times meaner and less patient because she's a total high maintenance lazy bitch.  Why doesn't she ask me to treat her how she has earned?  In which case I would hit her periodically and refer to her as the Useless Bitch.  If she wants respect that do something to earn it.  But she doesn't.

I want to go home and curl up in bed.  People are so fucking difficult.  Where do they get off making me feel this way?  And making me feel stupid and out of control and not good enough.  They aren't good enough.  They are assholes.  And I don't want to fit into their world.  Their world of boring little boxes that you put people into and then judge them for it. 

Hate hate hate.  How do I move on with my day?  I have to get out of this place.  I'm surrounded by assholes.  Is everyone surrounded by assholes?  I don't have any friends here.  I don't enjoy anybody's company.  Fighting makes me feel lonely and worthless.  And at the same time it makes me feel like everyone else is so worthless.  Hurtful for no reason.  Demanding.  Why don't my emotions matter?  Why all of the selfishness?  Okay if my emotions don't matter to other useless people like Red or my other coworker, let's call her FatK, that's fine.  They want to be assholes, alright.  But then they have the audacity to demand that their emotions matter to me.  That's what fucking aggravates me.  You can't have it both ways and yet here I am.  Their emotions are eating me up and my emotions are eating me up and they're doing whatever the fuck they want b/c Red and FatK and Pea are narcissists.  Doing what they feel according to their own feelings and making demands of everyone around them.  Expecting you to read their minds.  I don't ask that they read my mind.  I might not share what I'm feeling, but that's b/c it belongs to me, it's my burden or my reward.  I don't need them to know what I'm feeling.  I don't expect anyone to tiptoe around my emotions.  So, they don't need to know them.  And I don't get mad when they don't change their behaviors according to my feelings.  Unlike these assholes.

Assholes.  How do you escape them?
Articles to research:
1.  Basic up to date summary of epigenetics, what do we know, what do we think we know?
2.  General summaries of basic topics: genetics, molecular genetics, chromosomes,
3.  how do microwaves work?, why is the sky blue, rainbows, men vs. women brains and psychology, why does an egg turn solid when you cook it?, death, stem cell controversy, what does your spleen do? pancreas?, how do planes fly?
4. Science fiction: how would... dragons, space ships, time travel, zombies, 
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Life Goals

I want to blog about science as a step towards getting freelance science writing jobs.  In the future I want to do freelance science writing and online teaching.  So, work from home.  Writing and researching all of the time with a flexible schedule so that I can do art and music through classes.  Working online entirely so that I can work while traveling as well.  That's the future I want.  I've decided.  

So, for now, work as usual, but start spending some time on researching and writing articles on whatever topics I want to prep for a time when I will put up a blog.

Points to ponder: why would go to my site instead of wikipedia?  

Focus of site: any science questions people have, how things work, why anti-science propaganda is stupid, 
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United States
Hi! Bio = "life"
I studied biology. (bio=life, ology=study of)
So, I studied the study of life. Stand back... it's a metaphor.
I thought it would be beautiful to study the study of life. And it is, in a way. But, also exasperating.
I thought it would also be practical, job-providing. And it is, in a way. But, also boring.

From bio (life) and graphy (making pictures or writing)
So life writing or life picture... hm, how lovely. But, isn't that the point of here. I fill my life with pictures in order to paint a picture of my life?

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