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Articles to research:
1.  Basic up to date summary of epigenetics, what do we know, what do we think we know?
2.  General summaries of basic topics: genetics, molecular genetics, chromosomes,
3.  how do microwaves work?, why is the sky blue, rainbows, men vs. women brains and psychology, why does an egg turn solid when you cook it?, death, stem cell controversy, what does your spleen do? pancreas?, how do planes fly?
4. Science fiction: how would... dragons, space ships, time travel, zombies, 
  • Mood: Optimism
Life Goals

I want to blog about science as a step towards getting freelance science writing jobs.  In the future I want to do freelance science writing and online teaching.  So, work from home.  Writing and researching all of the time with a flexible schedule so that I can do art and music through classes.  Working online entirely so that I can work while traveling as well.  That's the future I want.  I've decided.  

So, for now, work as usual, but start spending some time on researching and writing articles on whatever topics I want to prep for a time when I will put up a blog.

Points to ponder: why would go to my site instead of wikipedia?  

Focus of site: any science questions people have, how things work, why anti-science propaganda is stupid, 
  • Mood: Optimism
Woke up in not the best of moods, but I went shopping, and it was very satisfying.  Why is it that shopping feels so good.  It feels like an easy form of self-expression.  Treasure hunting.  It gives purpose to my stupid job, reminding me that I have the income to freely go and buy things that I couldn't before.  It takes some energy, but none of that inward questioning draining energy. 

Sometimes shopping doesn't fix my mood.  Sometimes I feel overwhelmed, I can't make even simple decisions, I see something unpleasant and it makes me uncomfortable and deepens my bad mood.  But today it fixed it. 

Work tomorrow, blah.  I'd like to get some more cleaning done before then.  Just revving up some energy.  Maybe get rid of some stuff.  Organize some.  Etc.  I feel ok right now.  Hopefully that sticks.
  • Mood: Optimism
Today I feel bothered.  Just bother bother bothered.  No reason, but nothing feels right.  And I worry life will go on like this where I'm unmotivated and years from now nothing will be different.  So many bothery things to do: Costco, put Christmas away, laundry, and what about trying to work on something from my list?  What about finishing projects?  I'm afraid I will never stop dreaming of things, but will never get joy from dreams coming to reality.  There's something about reality that craps up things.  They start out so lovely in your mind and then when brought to fruition what do you have?  A thing.  Or an event.  Or whatever.  It just becomes so small.  Is there anything that stays large?  Would I want something to stay large?  What is it that I want?  I love coming up with ideas.  And then it seems sad to just stop at the idea point.  So, I want to see the idea in reality.  But I think that I enjoy the idea in my head so much more.  Where's the joy?  Why is everything so contradictory?  Is it all in my head?  Which of my feelings should I listen to?  

The only things that appeal are eating, sleeping, drinking alcohol.  I'm so bored, but the idea of doing anything seems completely overwhelming.  I hate my body, it's weird moods and shifts, really everything about it.  I don't want to live in it.  I want to be a free-floating mind.   Detached from all physical reality.  Just a mind, nothing else.  No needs, just pure experience and observation.  

My heart aches.  
  • Mood: Gloomy


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United States
Hi! Bio = "life"
I studied biology. (bio=life, ology=study of)
So, I studied the study of life. Stand back... it's a metaphor.
I thought it would be beautiful to study the study of life. And it is, in a way. But, also exasperating.
I thought it would also be practical, job-providing. And it is, in a way. But, also boring.

From bio (life) and graphy (making pictures or writing)
So life writing or life picture... hm, how lovely. But, isn't that the point of here. I fill my life with pictures in order to paint a picture of my life?

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